We work in construction because we want to build interesting and beautiful structures. We seek to create a work environment where craft motivation is allowed to flourish, and where tradespeople can do their best work on our projects. Quality in this sense is less an abstract ideal than it is an expression of the best work of experienced and talented tradespeople. We appreciate work well done, and strive to obtain it on every project. Because quality may be affected by decisions regarding time and money, we try to make explicit the process of deciding the right balance of quality, time, and money on every project.


GFRC implements a zero punchlist policy on its projects, meaning that we strive to reach the end of the project with the loose ends wrapped up. Inevitably, there are detail issues that remain at the end of demanding, complex projects. By this time in the project, all parties are anxious to have the work complete and to reach closure on the process. The project team strives to make sure that final details receive proper attention. Because we value the business which our clients bring to us, we stay involved with service and small project work to the extent that our clients wish us to be involved.

“We have thoroughly enjoyed the experience this winter of moving back into the 'new' half of the house and really living in it. It has exceeded all our expectations. ”
Medfield Client