Medfield Arts & Crafts

Project Overview

Tucked into a beautiful New England setting of woods and fields, this snug bungalow was renovated in the American Arts and Crafts style. Furniture quality cabinetry and millwork brought fine, plain detail to the house.

Hear from the Owner

“An extensive renovation such as this — perhaps rejuvenation is the word — requires talent, flexibility (when the unknowable comes to light), and an ability to work in an environment where the client is living at the construction site. You dealt with all these aspects extremely well, and we can recommend you to anyone.”

Hear from the Architect

“We are pleased with the quality of work which has been produced on our projects by your company.”

Hear from the Builder

“The project doubled in size, but the schedule did not. The Thanksgiving foxhunt went off on schedule with many riders enjoying the arts and crafts kitchen.”

Credits and Links

Menders, Torrey & Spencer, Inc.
Warren Jagger Photography